General Conditions of Consignments

What clothing is accepted ?

Only clothing in good condition is accepted

Clothing must be washed and free of stains, tears and holes, color change.

Products are selected based on their appeal, style, quality and rarity.

We don't take fast fashion clothing like Ardenne, Garage, Forever 21 or H&M.

Drop-off days in store are from Wednesday to Friday, we sort on site and you will need to complete this contract .

You can send us an email with the following information:

  1. Your full contact details: name, email address and telephone number
  2. Simple and clear photos of each garment including: the clothing brand label and the clothing material composition label.
  3. Important and relevant information about the garment: Mention if the garment is damaged (a missing button, or an unstitched hem, for example).

We will respond to you within 1 to 10 business days only if we accept your submission. Depending on the case, delivery instructions and, as an attachment, a Canada Post shipping label will be provided to you.

Estimate and %

All pieces will be evaluated and subjected to quality control:

  • tasks
  • pills
  • holes
  • seams
  • finishes
  • hems

Minor alterations, repairs and improvements may be made.

Following this evaluation and the information provided, Bee's Knees will set the deposit price and the percentage of commission you will obtain.    

% discount $ discount
30% 0.00 - 39.99
40% 40.00 - 119.99
50% 120.00 - 179.99
60% 180.00 - 299.99
70% 300 +

By consigning to Bee's Knees, you agree to all price changes during discount periods and sales that may apply in store.

Sales tracking

You act as suppliers, it is important to track your sales with the price lists sent and monthly results. You are responsible for your payment tracking.

We do not produce custom sales or inventory reports upon request. You have access to this information with sent price lists and monthly results. Everything is online. Sales results

The amount of sales accumulated for each seller will be counted once a month. The results will be posted online on the 15th day of the month.

An email to inform all consignees will be sent, and you can consult the sales results at any time on our site, at the following link:

If you can't find your name in the list, there are no sales.

Payment method

15th day of the month, at 5 p.m. You are always informed via this newsletter. At this point you will have 7 working days to come forward and collect your sales.

- If the amount of monthly sales is equal to or greater than $50, a bank transfer will be made within 7 working days following your request.

- Write to us telling us the months and amounts to be recovered.

- Allow 7 working days to receive your due by Interac transfer.

- We will not respond to emails after this deadline and winnings will be carried over to the following month.

Please accept the transfers within the prescribed time frame, we will not see them again.

If the monthly sales amount is equal to or greater than $50, a fee-free bank transfer will be made at your request. If the monthly sales total is less than $50, here are the options offered.

  1. Pick up in cash in person at 363 Duluth Avenue on a specific date.
  2. Accept a bank transfer for a fee of $1.50
  3. Accumulate monthly amounts up to $50 for a transfer

Once the monthly sales report is published, all you have to do is communicate the preferred payment method by email to

It is important to follow up on your sales so as not to miss anything. If we go 2 months without hearing from you, you risk service fees on the amount of sales.

In case of theft or loss

Damage caused by buyers as well as shoplifting, despite all our good will and vigilance, are part of the reality of business and the risks of consignment sales. Unless otherwise agreed, this merchandise legally belongs to you and must bear any possible loss.

To collect your items

  1. However, if you want to recover your items, you can do so by following the procedure: Submit a request to the following address with attached your price list and the items to be collected.
  2. Plan two weeks or more, depending on the store's traffic, before you can collect everything. We will take care to give you a pickup date.
  3. Deadlines may vary for out-of-season clothing pickup requests.

All items are entered into point of sale/inventory software with photos to keep track of them, avoid errors and facilitate invoicing.


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